Visiting Hot Dog 0,70 at Galatsi

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Hot Dog 0,70 Galatsi

Today I visited the Hot Dog Galatsi (Veikou, I think the number 50).

Has been open for some time.

Is a small shop (take away), no tables inside, it has some tables on the sidewalk to stand if you want.

Has the following prices:

Coffee Frappe with € 0,70

Hot Dog with € 0,70

Crepe chocolate € 0,90

these prices ​​simply does not have seen anywhere else (apart from the army cafe), so I was tempted to try them all.

Before I say how the food was, I will say that I was surprised of the crowd they had.  The tables outside filled with 10-15 people and 7-8 people queue to order. At the same time opposite santouitsadiko Authenticon had none and a few feet below the creperie Apala was also with no people.

Now the food. The coffee was fine , I'm not big fan of coffee but not generally understood difference of coffee you get from elsewhere with € 1,50 euros or more. The hot dog was also fine, I liked. But the crepe was very small, not bad, but too small. Would prefer to have double price and offer a real one.

But the truth is that I was surpriced with the number of customers they had the specific moment.

Maybe some should learn something out of that . Its not resonable to pay € 3,50 and € 4 for a chocolate crepe in hand while people work for € 250 or 300, 4 hours a day (those who have a job, cause many dont).

(translated with translation tool, sorry for any mistakes)

Hot Dog 0,70 Galatsi

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