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Agistri is a beautiful island near Athens. It is an ideal destination for a weekend or less .

Below you will see how to get to Agistri, suggestions o what to do and everything you need to organize your own trip .

Agistri Overview

The Agistri is a tourist island pine Greece with an area of ​​11.7 square kilometers, 3.5 m from the port Aegina, with approximately 800-1000 residents, located in the heart of the Saronic Gulf and has four villages or Milos Milos (island country), Skala (the natural harbor where the ferry boat approaching from Piraeus / Aegina), Limenaria and dependency. (Wikipedia)

When go to Agistri

June, July, September. Generally I do not propose in August for tourist islands. Also, even for a walk in the winter is not bad.

How to get to Agistri

From Piraeus there are daily ferries. There is also ferry boat that transports cars and the Flying Dolphin. If you have a motorbike license is best to go with the dolphin and rent something there.

The Dolphin doing 50 minutes to arrive while the ferryboat 2 ώρες.

The cost for the ferry boat on the Agistri is € 10.50 each person, € 29.90 for car. It does not matter if you close return ticket, cost is the same, and usually 3 times a day.

by hydrofoil to Agistri cost is € 13.50 per person . It does not matter if you close return ticket,cost is the same, and is usually 3 to 4 day itineraries.

The Dolphin arrives in Milos (Milos) and then waiting for a bus that usually go Skala.

Because schedules and prices may have changed, check the following numbers before you start.

Information and reservations for the ferry boat
Hellenic Seaways: 2104117341
The agency in Scala: 2297091171

Information and reservations for the Dolphins
Flying Dolphins:
Agistri: 2297027462
Piraeus: 2104199000
AEGEAN Flying Dolphins:
Agistri-Miloss: 2297091171 < br /> Piraeus: 2104121654

Central Port of Piraeus 210-41.47.800

Move, transportation Agistri

The to rent a small scooter will cost € 10-15 per day and if you what extreme you can rent a bike.

Phones for motorbike rentals, bicycle < br /> KOSTAS BIKE HIRE - Skala 22970 91021
MOTO AGISTRI - Skala 22970 - 91293
TAKIS RENT A BIKE & BICYCLES - Milos 22970 91001

The bike will make yourself comfortable too, distances are small and you can go everywhere, and not to park in the educational center of the villages.

In Agistri is transportation that goes everywhere but the routes are not often and certainly is a limitation.

There is also a taxi (see useful numbers below).

Where to stay in Agistri

If you decide not to go with the first morning and go dolphin in the afternoon after making your walks and swimming, you will need somewhere to stay .

Depending on the weather you can think of to sleep on the beach or free camping. To second is not legal and in both you must transfer the relevant equipment. Of course there are risks to you stand out.

in General Agistri is free camping to the main beach Chalikiada.

Rooms are everywhere, depending on the season, a room in Agistri will cost from € 20 to € 50 euros .

If you want to live not just how dangerous book before you go. Go early and walking the villages and ask you lean spot. Do not recommend for a weekend near the 15th of August, as it can take to the bench.

Some phones rooms at Agistri

ANESI ROOMS - Skala 22970 - 91441
ART BOUTIQUE B & B & - Milos 2297091376, 6977606193
ELENA ROOMS - Skala 22970 91292
GOLDEN BEACH STUDIOS - Skala 22970 - 91265, 6944331708
GREEN ISLAND STUDIOS - Skala 6951 664842, 6944135983
Agistri CLUB - HARD 22970 - 91090
MELTEMI STUDIOS - Milos 2297091057
SMALL VILLAGE INN - Skala 6982432606, 22970 91083
AKROGIALI - Skala 2297091354
AMARYLIS - Milos 22970 91291
GOSPELS ROOMS - Skala 22970 91366
EUGENIA - Skala 2297091013, 697 0123201
BOULAS - Milos 22970 91448
ROSY'S LITTLE VILLAGE - Skala 22970 91610
ALKIONI - Skala 22970 91378
OLYMPIA - Skala 2297091090
PARNASSOS - Skala 22970 91339
TAMPAKIOTIS - Skala 22970 91390

What to do on Agistri

depending on the time you arrive, be sure to first move your hiring, if you bring your car and your accommodation if you stay the night in Agistri.

So you will not have to carry all your stuff while you move.

Walk to Milos (Megalochori) which is the largest settlement and Skala.

also excellent sunset will see in the Aponisos (ask at the island you will find lots)

Agistri is green and most beaches have trees near them. If you like hiking , you will need about 2 hours to walk in the pine forest of the island (rural road) and get to the Magalochori Aponisos

beach where to go is Dragonera and Chalikiada (been a while walking on the second but the result is rewarding).

In the evening relax somewhere for lunch or café overlooking the sea.

also saw that and do some riding and water sports
RIDING IN AGISTRI - 6944576333

Agistri Beaches

Skala : Sandy shallow-tourist beach on the northeast coast. There is also the natural harbor where the ferry boat dock of the ferry link with Piraeus and Aegina. On the beach of Skala are hotels, restaurants and cafes.
Megalochori : The sandy beach in the village Megalochori or Milos (the country north of the island).
Dragonera : pristine beach pebble on the west side of the island easily accessible by road. The beach is surrounded by pine forest and the left is an outdoor cantina .
Skliri and Chalikiada : Following the narrow west path from the port of Skala, where the ship arrives in Aegina / Piraeus is initially hard on the beach and later in totally secluded beach of Halikiada. The pristine beach is Halikiada nudist beach in Agistri, is completely isolated and hardly accessible.
Marisa :-Rock Beach on the beach, ideal for diving, located west of the island, the village Limenaria.
Aponisos : shallow beach between the private island of Agistri and Aponisos.
(wikipedia )

Food and drink at the Agistri

Generally there are all the dining options. Many proposed:
In TASOS in Limeria for local rooster
In PARADISOS at Mexoxi
The PLORI in Scala for seafood

course plays have always bring your own food and eating by hand (in Milos skewer).
For drinking there late 1-2 club on the island as Club Kastro in Milos .

Hospitals, Health in Agistri

There is no hospital or health center on Agistri. There is a pharmacy in Scala and a community clinic. Below the phone will find useful information.

Banks Agistri

There are no banks in Agistri but there is ATM on Skala, I think in Milos (We do not go expecting to make money there).

Market in Agistri

The island, among other things, there are super market.

History of Agistri

In ancient texts like Pliny mentions and other ancient historians like Thucydides and Diodorus, the Agistri was the name which means Kekrifalia decked head. Although there have been archaeological excavations on the west coast of the island has sunk into the sea, antiquities and relics of prehistoric settlement. (Wikipedia)

Useful Phone Numbers

Police - Skala 2297091201
COMMUNITY CLINIC - MEGALOCHORI 2297091215 < br /> HEALTH CENTER - Skala 2297091110
PHARMACY - Skala 2297091540
BUS - Skala 2297091244, 6973016132
TAXI Skala - 2297091455, 6977618040

Thanks for reading , comments, additions and corrections welcome! :-)

(translated with translation tool, sorry for any mistakes)

Map Agistri
Dragonera Agistri
Xalikiada Agistri


Nice comments and lot of information in this brief for agistri

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