Kalidromo, shelter, lake Nevropoli

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About the Kallidromo shelter and Lake Nevropoli

Approximately 2 hours and something from Athens is a beautiful place suitable for mountain excursions throughout the year, but at its best in winter, spring, autumn.

Kallidromo, mountainhas an altitude of 1400 meters, is located south of Iti mountain at Fthiotida.

The meadows are spread among the firs and the tops, the magical colors in the spring while the snowy winter landscape and the frozen lake create unreal scene.

Characteristic of the mountain is lush and the tree that is everywhere, despite the relatively low altitude.

On the mountain there are many waters in the winter the lake Nevropoli form one of the valleys.

The area we are talking about is one it is a shelter and Lake Nefropoli.

How to get to Kallidromo

From Athens  take the national road to Lamia. After Thermopylae in node Mpralo take the road right ( Livadia - Lamia to the village Bralos).

Pass the junction of Abbey Damastas after a while we will see a sign for Eleftherohori at right.

The Eleftherohori is a small picturesque village with fewer than 200 inhabitants and a very good view.

The village has a taverna (on our left as we go) with fireplace and good food.

From Eleftherohori we can walk to the shelter (1 hour) or go by car. The distance is about 7 km. The road to the shelter and Nevropoli is dirt and lots of snow during winter, inevitably, at some point we should leave the car.

The shelter is in the trees, look carefully find it. The lake in summer, when there is no water, is a meadow.

What to do in Kallidromo

In Kallidromo you can walk the many paths between the forest and around the lake.

Even you can picnic and relax near the lake. You could also stay at the lodge or camp.

In the evening you can go to the tavern in Eleftherohori.

The area is. In the summer you can get a scout camp, winter has hunters (the mountain is wildlife - wild boar - wild cats etc., such a stuffed wildcat will see in the tavern Eleftherohori). Also in Part flocking several 4x4 clubs.

The place gets very busy the first of May.

The shelter in Kallidromo

The shelter is open in general. You should get the keys (if you find out who has it). The management is to  mountaineering group of Lamia, tel 2231026786

The state of the shelter is not good. It is not clean, the roof is damaged, there is not sure you will  find ready-made wood for the fireplace. I'm sure there will be several "pets" . Water is generally not seen, although there are some tanks.

However, it is in the trees overlooking the lake Nefropoli.

Accommodation at Kallidromo

You could stay at the lodge or camp. Even summer is cool enough at night so be prepared. Also in the summer it can have mosquitoes.

A few kilometers away is the Paleohori village where there is a wooden guest house, Tetrapolis (tel 22 310 92 952, 6977 595 988). Palaiochori has also a super market.

To go to Paleohori dont  turn for Eleftheroxori , continue and pass the village Bralos.

History of Kallidromo

In ancient times there were cities in Thermopylae, Drimea the Tethronio with people who have created a rich history. The Kallidromo area was divided  between Fokea and Locris.

Kalidromo, Eleftheroxori Map
Kalidromo, Nevropolis Map
Kalidromo, Eleftheroxori Lake
Kalidromo, Eleftheroxori Nevropolis
Shelter kalidromo with snow
Shelter kalidromo

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