How we write in Blogs, Agenta, Commnets

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How to write the Blog


The Blogs of xclub have an alternative agenda. We write for special trips, cheap, alternative, adventurous, free events for which we want to support, something generally considered special for some reason and just for something very popular or hot trend without belonging to these categories but have 'something'. Also interested in lessons, educational blog posts etc.


The title should be descriptive of the content, rather than general and vague.
Example wrong title: Concert with free entry
Correct: Concert of Someone in Lycabettus with free entry
Example wrong title: My favorite place for swimming
Correct: Excursion to the beach Nameof Beach at Evia Island for swimming 


We write grammatically correct.
We use tags <h1> for paragraphs titles  (to put a title to <h1> tag, press the button «Source»  on the editing environment and put the text you want between <h1> </ h1> e,g. <h1> Instructions for first aid </ h1>. Then press again «Source» to see our article and continue writing. The titles of the paragraphs in our blog should be decriptive of content themselves and informative.
Eg not "Directions" but "How to reach the castle of Parga."
We use bold for important words and phrases (eg Areas, names, comments). Do not to  everything boldor  capitals. Make sure that you have sufficient content, at least half a page on every blog post.
Attention: If you import video with youtube code remember to change width property of the embedded code to 600 in order to fit in content area.


Xclub operates in 2 languages. Greek and English. Just add your listing in and take some time for the translation. If you write long text use Google Translate to translate it and spend 5 minutes to correct the mistakes. This add value to your post


Comments are short text on other members' listings or answers. These must be grammatically correct and have a descriptive title of the text.
Example wrong title Comment: The show I did not like
Coreect: I didnt like the concert in Lycabettus of SingerName 


With agenda we keep future events that have a specific date, start time. Apply the same as blog posts for Title, Contents, Translation and commentary. If you know one amateur tournament, a free theater performance, or if planning a trip to a shelter and hiking, these are things of interest to xclub agenda.


The entries in the blog, the agenda and comments are checked by other members and what not in accordance with the above will be corrected at best, but usually deleted without notice and further access is prohibited by the authors. We want a space that can read, we, the visitors, we write here, so make sure to write useful and correct things.