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Kalidromo, shelter, lake Nevropoli

About the Kallidromo shelter and Lake Nevropoli

Approximately 2 hours and something from Athens is a beautiful place suitable for mountain excursions throughout the year, but at its best in winter, spring, autumn.

Kallidromo, mountainhas an altitude of 1400 meters, is located south of Iti mountain at Fthiotida.

The meadows are spread among the firs and the tops, the magical colors in the spring while the snowy winter landscape and the frozen lake create unreal scene.

Kalidromo, Eleftheroxori Map
Kalidromo, Nevropolis Map
Kalidromo, Eleftheroxori Lake
Kalidromo, Eleftheroxori Nevropolis
Shelter kalidromo with snow
Shelter kalidromo
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